Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Raku & Horsehair Firing of 05/19/2007

I spent Saturday firing raku and horsehair pottery. The weather was almost perfect as it was a little cool for thistime of year, there was not a cloud in the sky and there was some wind but I will take some wind if it will help keep the weather a little cooler. I started setting up just after 6:30 and had the kiln ready for the first firing a little after 7:00. I fired until just after 3:00 and fired 22 pots in 8 firings. I had 2 to crack too bad to sell and wasn't happy with a 3rd one but the others came out okay. On one of the horsehair pots I sprayed 100% soy sauce on it after applying the hair and another I sprayed 30% soy sauce mixed with 70% water. I'm not sure how much I like those but someone might like them so I will see what reaction I get from them when I put them up for sale.

These 5 pictures were taken by my a friend of mine named Cid Couture-White as I was doing the firings.

These are the pots I fired.

On this first pot I sprayed a solution of soy sauce and water and then sprayed ferrice chloride.
The second was sprayed with 100% soy sauce.

The candle holder on the left was sprayed with ferric chloride before it was placed in newspaper and covered with a metal container.

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