Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Market On Madison

On Saturday March 18, the Dublin/Laurens Artists Guild held our annual spring art show. We have it on Super Saturday of the St. Patrick's Day Festival's month long celebration. This year we had it at the new Farmers Market and we included a student art show. Click on the link to the Dublin/Laurens Artist Guild to view pictures of the event. We had other artists from the community and four artists from Columbus. We had a very good turnout despite some cold and windy weather and the day was considered a huge success. I've included 4 pots that I created for the art show. All 4 of these were sold. I would have had more new pieces but my wheel broke before I could make any more. As soon as I get my wheel I will get back into production and make more pots.

St. Patrick's Festival Commission Update

On Wednesday March 8th, Mrs. Ricks of the ST. Patrick's Fesival Committee and I met Leah Stanley at the office of the Courier-Herald Newpaper. I carried the 100 pots with me and we set them up in one of the conference room where Mrs. Stanley took pictures and interviewed us.

The article appeared in the paper on the 15th. A picture of one of the pots was in the upper left hand corner of the front page along with the page number where the article appeared. The article and pictures took up the whole 1st page of the Living Section. The printed a huge full color picture of the pots with the article placed to the left of the big picture. Another smaller picture appeared beneath the larger one that showed me presenting Mrs. icks with one of the pots. There was also another picture of some of the pots along with some of the other sourvenirs that appeared on another page in the paper.

The ladies of the committee carried all but 20 of the pots to the big Pancake Supper
the following afternoon and sold all that they carried by 7:15 and could have sold many more. The remaining pots were sold at a lunceon on Friday and at the Arts and Craft Show at the park on Saturday.

I think I had forgot to note that each pot was dated and serialized.

In a couple of weeks we will begin discussing next years project which will be a different type of pot and we may do 200 to 250 of them. The plan is to do a different piece each year and eventually get up to 500 per year.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

St. Patrick's Festival Commission Update

48 pots that were fired Tuesday night came out good also and the project is basically done. It's been a long process but a lot was learned.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

St. Patricks Festival Commission Update

The firing of the first 38 pots frm Monday night came out okay. Last night I fired 48 more pots and will check them this afternoon when I get home. I still have 14 to bisque fire, glaze and then glaze fire and hope to do that this weekend when the pots have dried out. I hope throw some vases tonight and tomorrow night to be used for horse hair firing.